Monday, November 8, 2010

Hi-Tech Institute of Mobile Phone Repairing and Service

Hi-Tech Institute of Mobile Phone Repairing and Service: "Your C.V./Bio-data is your first interface between you and your employers. It has been seen that employer usually spend no more than one to two minutes in scanning your bio-data/c.v. Here, if your bio-data is not enriched and effective, chances are you will not be not called for Interview. Now a big question is how to attract attention of employer?. If you have excellent academic qualifications (more than 90% marks throughout) and relevant experiences in reputed companies/organization like Tata, Birla, MNC ‘S, Public Sector Units or in any Government Organization such question generally does not arise.However,unfortunately less than two percent job seekers belong to this category. Majority have a dilemma of what to do to make their c.v./bio-data effective thus, employable.

Here our experience and wisdom have great importance to such category of job seekers. We have structured few well researched and market friendly courses of short duration which have potential to make them employable soon after completion of courses from our Institute. These courses are well in demand and can be completed with low investment, so that masses can benefit out of it."

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